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A recent survey says that while looking for desired products or services online among numerous options available in this competitive world, customers usually get attracted to those only websites which offer Live Chat functionality. Finding a Live Chat option on a webpage makes first time website visitors to rely on the fact that there is someone on the other side to assist them in case of any issues or troubles.

In fact, the embedded Live Chat feature in a website proves to be very beneficial in engaging online website visitors into meaningful chat sessions, converting them into longtime customers, providing them instant support, enhancing the quality of customer services offered, determining their requirements, monitoring and tracking website visitors’ behavior, sending them pro-active chat invitations, assisting them by sending required files of any kind, extending business, and much more.

What our Live Chat Software Offers?

Option to Send Pro-Active Chat Invitation: Let your website visitors don’t leave your website within a short duration of time. As soon as they land on the webpage, ask them pro-actively actually what their requirement is, what they are looking for, and how you can assist them as per their requirement. Thereby, engaging them in meaningful chat sessions make them to trust on the products or services you are offering.

Instant Support in numerous ways: Live Chat let you provide instant support to website visitors in many ways like instant solutions to their queries or concerns via text-based conversations, sending them files of any kind upto 5 MB size, handling multiple chat sessions simultaneously, transferring ongoing chat sessions to another departments, etc.

Website Traffic Monitoring: Observe and analyze website visitors’ activities on the website, time duration spent on a particular webpage, come to know at which point the visitor gets stuck and requires support. Simply send them pro-active chat invitation and provide them instant assistance. Right Assistance at Right Time must be the aim of a service provider to gain attention of website visitors. Such a pleasant service offered makes website visitor to revisit the website in the future.

Facebook Chat Integration: eAssistance Pro can be easily integrated with Facebook to let website visitors to chat right from the FB interface. Website visitors can easily chat with website operators right from the company’s Facebook page.

Multiple CMS platforms Support: eAssistance Pro can be easily integrated into multiple CMS platforms including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Zencart, Zendesk, Salesforce, Blogger, Shopify, Bigcommerce, eBayStores, and Prestashop.

Multi-lingual Dictionary Support: eAssistance Pro displays English as the default language but offers dictionary in multiple languages for better chat support.

Multiple Language Support: eAssistance Pro supports multiple languages to provide instant help to native users from all around the globe. Even countries following right-to-left writing pattern (middle-east countries) can chat in their native format using this Live Chat tool.

24×7 Support: Providing round-the-clock support makes website visitors to approach you at any time. Maximum availability makes you at the topmost position among others offering the similar products or services.

To experience all the features offered by our Live Chat application, download and install eAssistance Pro Live chat software and have a better user experience.

How Live Chat plays a role in turning visitors into customers

No business boomed on the first day. Starting a business is like planting a seed. You need to nurture it with good offers, water it regularly with proper marketing plans, offer better value and thus steer ahead of prying eyes, and then does it bears fruit. But for all this you need the right tools and if your business mode is online then communication is the key to success.

Your website visitors are the assets from which you need to carefully select potential buyers and turn them into customers. But for that you need meticulous planning and implement them through the right channel. Live Chat is that channel with which you get all the assistance to turn online visitors into customers. It is the perfect medium to serve purpose for gaining more customers.

Real-time communication means a lot

Just as the attendant at a physical store greets a shopper and assists him about the whereabouts of the store, exactly the same way an operator can do the job online through Live Chat. This ensures that your visitors feel special as well as they don’t get lost in the store. Moreover, they don’t abandon your site just for the matter of confusion.

Proactive Support

When you get what you need, even before you look out for it, the feeling is amazing. That’s what you can make your visitors feel by tactically using Live Chat solutions. Good applications have detailed visitor tracking aids. Use it to narrow down on potential buyers by checking their surfing habits, analyzing the time spend on site, pages visited, and more. Proactively invite them to chat, provide them with discounts on the products they are sorting, assist them with better offers and you earn a customer every time.

Make you store favorite

Research shows that every customer has some or other favorite store/brand. We all tend to head towards our favorite store first and then only move elsewhere only if they fail to provide us with what we need. Do the same with your online store. Ensure that your visitors experience a wow feeling every time they surf around and compel them to stay at your site. Give them combo offers, little discounts, next visit coupons and more to lure them for future visits.

Happy Customer, Returning Customer

There is no happy customer; you need to make a customer happy. We all value some over the other and that makes them feel delighted. So, ensure better service, small perks, and quick issue resolution to returning customers and earn them forever. It’s even easier through Live Chat as no two customers meet and one can complaint that the operator is being extra concerned about a particular customer.

A blooming business is like reaping crops in the best harvest season. Every business owner dreams of that but smart customer service is what can help you receive success. Incorporate Live Chat in your website and enhance your chances of earning more customers out of your website’s traffic.

eAssistance Pro Live chat software is available for you and offers all the right tools to turn regular visitors into returning customers.

Why integrating Live Chat feature in a website is important to gain competitive benefits

It won’t be wrong to say that time has come when one should start considering the significance of live chat software very seriously. In present scenario, we can easily see that technology is growing fast, and one must not get surprise to see that nowadays business groups are opting different ways to cope up with the ever-changing technology industry. Live chat is the name of one such technology that has helped many businesses turn online visitors of websites to customers. The arrival of online help chat support has completely transformed the entire online sales-purchase scenario.

Today, every business following a customer-centric approach is not just an option but a necessity. Online retailers are very much aware that the customers never want to waste time unnecessarily in following complex online purchasing procedure, as it consumes ample amount of time. Consequently, every online retailer is ensuring taking full advantage of online live chat support service to make things easier for customer. Today considering and keeping the customers’ comfort as peak priority is must, and with eAssistance Pro live chat software one can achieve all these and much more. Just by upgrading your website with this live chat support software, you can retain customers easily. In fact, ignoring the promising results that your business can achieve using live chat could be a big blunder. So, why not have a look and understand some of the essential benefits that eAssistance Pro online chat software can offer.

Real-time Monitoring


eAssistance Pro allows you have a real-time monitoring. In fact, you can very well narrow down your hunt for the prospective buyers. Just by integrating this live chat interface in your website, you could effectively analyze visitor surfing trends, and at the same time keep a good check on recurring visits or page visits. The advantages you can enjoy are taking proper measures as per your site’s current performance

Complete Statistics about prospective Customers

eAssistance Pro allows you extract the complete detail information about the traffic data and display it a comprehensive format. Within a matter of few clicks you get to have comprehensive traffic data showing the complete email address, IP address, along with visitors’ name. Besides this, you also get related information in a summarized format that simultaneously includes detailed information like visitor footprints, duration of stay at each page, reference, page views etc. Apart from that you also get a source URL data indicating from where a site visitor has arrived on to your website. The collection of complete data gives you information about your customer.

On-time Service

Gaining the customer’s trust is never easy! The faster your answers to the customer’s inquiries, the better positive results you can achieve.eAssistance Pro live chat not just allows you to provide instant 24×7 support but at the same time solve the problem that your customers are facing. It allows to easily contact and addressing the issue in a most interactive manner. By doing so, you prove to your customers that you value their time and money. In fact, it successfully eradicates factors that challenge access to easy communication. While you chat, it also gets easy to eliminate any obstacles that customers might face while purchasing your product or service. This way you could improve the quality of customer service.

Reduced Operational Costs

Money-Saving-Tips-in-2012Nothing satisfies customers more than accepting the fact that their queries are answered and problems are resolved. Now eAssistance Pro not just offers high level of convenience with quick service, but at most competitive price which other forms of communication don’t provide. Your website visitors don’t require leaving their current medium in order to communicate with your company, which might quite often cost you many customers. On other hand, even the operator has a chance to handle multiple chat conversation with various visitors effectively.

Instant Feedback

Customer feedback is always valuable and considered as a right way of doing business. These days, many companies conduct marketing research surveys just to gather different types of information from consumers. Now by integrating eAssistance Pro live chat feature it gets easier for you to gain this advantage. Live chat system makes customer or visitors feel that your company is dedicated to customer service and business both.

Improved Corporate Branding

3830153_100mbBuilding a stronger customer relationship along with good branding is never easy, but this live chat support tool gains both benefits simultaneously. eAssistance Pro give you the complete freedom on choosing the look and feel of the live chat window, and thus enabling you provide a customized live chat experience. Right from selecting right color scheme for live chat window, uploading logo or customizing greeting messages, chat button, post chat survey, you can do all these whenever you want.

After knowing so many benefits, if you want to make your online service stand out from the competition, then just make full utilization of live chat software. You can Visit the website to collect more information https://www.eassistancepro.com/

How to install Live Chat Widget to your WordPress Sites

WordPress, as we all know, is a most popular self-hosted blogging tool that hosts millions of websites. It is a web software that can be used for creating beautiful websites or blogs. eAssistance Pro, a Live Chat solution by Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd., has made integrating Live Chat widget in WordPress websites a much easier task. The company offers a number of simple, free one-click install plugins that makes integrating Live Chat widget in the WordPress-powered websites an easy-to-follow process. The Live chat plugins can be easily downloaded from the eAssistance Pro website https://www.eassistancepro.com and then can be uploaded from Dashboard or user can look directly from plugins directory.

Method I: Integrating Live Chat Widget in your WordPress-powered Websites

Follow the simple steps given below to integrate eAssistance Pro – a Live Chat Support solution in your WordPress-powered websites:

Step 1: Login to your WordPress account using admin Username and Password and then go to Dashboard. The default login path is Site URL/wp-login.php and Site URL/wp-admin

Step 2: Click on Plugins, then select Add New.

Step 3: Now, there are two options for installing plugins.

(a). Search for eAssistance Pro in the Search box and then click Search Plugins button.


(b). Click on Upload > Select plugin in .zip format (downloaded from our website) > Click Install Now.Image8

Step 4: After completing the successful installation of eAssistance Pro plugin, click Activate Plugin to activate it.
Step 5:
Move on to Settings section to configure the Live Chat plugin that can be done in two ways:

(a). Paste the required chat button code in the given text area.

(b). Login into your eAssistance Pro account to obtain the default Live chat button code.

Step 6: Now either select Automatic insertion or Manual insertion to complete the installation process.

In the left-hand menu, click Appearance > Editor > Edit Themes and paste the Live chat button code where the Live Chat button needs to be placed at an appropriate position.

Now take a look at your WordPress-powered website to see Live Chat button appearing Live on all your web pages and posts.

Method II: Integrating Live Chat Widget on WordPress Website – For Subscribed Packages

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Admin dashboard. The default login URL is /wp-login.php. After getting logged in, the following image appears:

Step 2: Hover over “Appearance” in the left-hand menu. A sub-menu gets opened. Click “Editor”.

Note: If “Editor” option is not visible, then you are using WordPress.com (or another hosting provider), and they currently restrict access to “Editor” feature.

Step 3: Suppose the Live Chat screen is to be placed in the template section named “Footer (footer.php)”. Click on “Footer”.

Step 4: Move to the </body> tag. Usually, the closing </body> tag lies at the end of all the content.

Step 5: Register to your eAssistance Pro account.

Step 6: After registering, the JavaScript code appears. Copy the code.

Step 7: Paste the copied JavaScript code just before the closing </body> tag.

Step 8: To save changes made, click Update File button. The Live Chat get installed on your WordPress website.

Method III: Integrating Live Chat Widget on WordPress Website – For Free Integration

Step 1: Login to WordPress.com

Step 2: Click “My Dashboard” in the top navigation bar (that may be under ‘My Blog’).

Step 3: Click Appearance >Widgets in the left navigation bar.

Step 4: In the “Available Widgets” section, add a “Text” widget.wordpress_com_text_widget

Step 5: A new “Text” option will now appear under the “Current Widgets” section of your WordPress Dashboard. Click the “Edit” link.

Step 6: Paste your Live Chat code into the main body of the Text Widget.

eAssistance Pro, a Live Chat support solution by Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd., is a highly-adaptive, customizable and flexible tool that can be easily incorporated within numerous third-party applications like Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, Zen Desk, Magento, Big Commerce, Sales Force, Zen Cart, EBay Pro Stores, and Shopify. Use the Live Chat tool to increase your customer service level, boost up sales, make online business more meaningful through real-time communication, and much more. Use the Live chat tool as an add-on on your website to know more about website visitors, resolve their queries instantly, etc.

What is Windows Live Chat?

In a recent survey conducted online, it was found that Windows Operating System is used world-wide and is the most commonly used platform as compared to others. Considering this point, most of the Live Chat applications are being developed that are fully compatible with Windows OS. Windows Live Chat is an online marketing and live support tool used by website operators to assist website visitors in resolving their queries instantly, promoting their products, establishing strong relationships with customers, converting website visitors into loyal customers, making online customers more satisfied, and much more.

The Live Chat application allows website operators to communicate with their visitors in real-time, monitoring their real-time website activities, providing complete details about their geographic locations, and their navigation history (webpages they visited, for how long they stay on a particular website, from where they come to your website, keywords used, links visited, etc.).

eAssistance Pro – a Live Chat Support solution by Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. involves 3 levels of interaction – the Admin, Operator and Visitor. The Admin keeps an eAssistance Pro account and manages each and everything in it. All settings and account-related activities can be effectively performed from any OS platform using any Web Browser.

The Operator uses Operator Console to interact with Live Chat visitors.

Visitors uses Chat Messenger to interact with Website Operators and can initiate a meaningful chat session with Operators from any OS platform using any Web Broswer.

With increasing number of online users using a hand-held device for surfing the Web, the Live Chat services can be easily accessed using any mobile platform like Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch), Android devices as well as Blackberry devices only in case the website is mobile-friendly. The application supports all major Web Browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

eAssistance Pro offers two types of Operator Consoles – Stand-alone Operator Console and Web-based Operator Console. The Stand-alone Operator Console allows Website Operators to interact with website visitors effectively. It can be currently installed in Windows platforms only and the supported Windows platforms include Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

The Web-based Operator Console can be used from any OS platform using any of the available Web Browser.

If you’re looking more advance & user friendly live support chat solution, Please visit here: https://www.eassistancepro.com/why-eassistance-pro.php

A best Online Chat Solution for Blogs and Websites

liveChatOnline Live Chat Support has become the most crucial part of websites offering online web services. If an organization is selling some services on their blogs or websites, then they must ensure that website visitors will acquire information and guidance about the products in a much easier and convenient manner. Thus, a Live Chat support solution becomes the need of the hour to interact with website visitors or customers seamlessly.

eAssistance Pro is a brilliant online Live Chat Support solution for blogs andOnline-chat1 websites. It is an instant messaging software facilitating Live Assistance to customers. Optimize your website and boost sales using the Live Chat application as an add-on that can be easily integrated with a number of websites or blogging platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, Zen Desk, Magento, Big Commerce, Sales Force, Zen Cart, EBay Pro Stores, and Shopify. The application allows website operators or chat representatives to interact with website visitors and convert them into loyal customers. The tool can be easily integrated on the blogs and websites and allows initiating a meaningful chat session between chat representatives and website visitors. Using Live Chat, both website operator and visitor can discuss on a particular issue in a meaningful way.

Whether you use popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or E-commerce platforms like Big Commerce, Magento, etc., eAssistance Pro can be easily incorporated within them and a number of other third-party applications. The Live Chat tool is customizable, flexible and highly adaptive in nature. It assists in increasing the customer service level, boost up sales and making online business more meaningful through real-time communication.

Chat-Support-Software-Helps-in-Online-Shopping-300x217Using eAssistance Pro, a website operator can instantly reply back to the visitor with his/her queries resolved. The tool assists visitors in understanding the services offered by the organization. Now, visitors don’t require sending emails and waiting for their responses. Just download simple free one-click install plug-ins and incorporate Live Chat and helpdesk solution in your website. The available plug-ins can be either downloaded from the website first and then uploaded from Dashboard or looked for directly from Plug-ins directory or Extensions section. Integrate eAssistance Pro – a Live Chat tool in your website, interact with your visitors, share your ideas, provide customer service, promote your business, and get more out of your online communications. You would like to visit the following site:  http://www.eassistancepro.com/addons/

Enhance your customer services and satisfaction using eAssistance Pro – a Live Chat support solution

Due to rapidly changing technologies, live communication has become need of the hour. A recent survey says that website visitors usually prefer Live chat rather than emails or telephonic communication for solving their queries. A timely, relevant and friendly communication between website visitors and operators ensures converting website visitors into your customers. Live chat assists in promoting businesses, enhancing its performance, higher sales and taking your business to newer heights.

Live Chat support solution allows online businesses to offer real-time assistance to customers and to invite them for chat if their online behavior depicts that they needs assistance. It is a professional tool for businesses as well as customers that makes customers more loyal to online businesses as they get quick response to their queries. The tool assists website operators to personally interact with customers making them more satisfied and improved customer service level and at the last enhanced sales.

Real-time website visitor monitoring feature offered by eAssistance Pro assists chat representatives in viewing exactly where the customer is on the site and assists in guiding customers by resolving their queries. Live chat support solution allows online businesses to offer a personal touch to each and every customer. Get in touch with your customers and let them feel special and kind attention by offering Live chat fulfilling their needs. The Live chat assists in improving business communication and building trust with experienced professionals.

Embed Live chat on your website and personalize customer’s online browsing and shopping experience. It has been observed that customers who takes assistance from Live chat representative usually does not return items after making a purchase as they are full of confidence that they are having chat assistance with them. Live chat support solution has made easy bridging the gap between business goals and customers’ online experiences. The offered customizable chat button, visitor chat window, greeting messages, system messages, canned messages, and post chat surveys provides businesses maximum flexibility and compatibility for their websites. To get more  information  about the product and its usage : https://www.eassistancepro.com/solutions.php