Enhance your customer services and satisfaction using eAssistance Pro – a Live Chat support solution

Due to rapidly changing technologies, live communication has become need of the hour. A recent survey says that website visitors usually prefer Live chat rather than emails or telephonic communication for solving their queries. A timely, relevant and friendly communication between website visitors and operators ensures converting website visitors into your customers. Live chat assists in promoting businesses, enhancing its performance, higher sales and taking your business to newer heights.

Live Chat support solution allows online businesses to offer real-time assistance to customers and to invite them for chat if their online behavior depicts that they needs assistance. It is a professional tool for businesses as well as customers that makes customers more loyal to online businesses as they get quick response to their queries. The tool assists website operators to personally interact with customers making them more satisfied and improved customer service level and at the last enhanced sales.

Real-time website visitor monitoring feature offered by eAssistance Pro assists chat representatives in viewing exactly where the customer is on the site and assists in guiding customers by resolving their queries. Live chat support solution allows online businesses to offer a personal touch to each and every customer. Get in touch with your customers and let them feel special and kind attention by offering Live chat fulfilling their needs. The Live chat assists in improving business communication and building trust with experienced professionals.

Embed Live chat on your website and personalize customer’s online browsing and shopping experience. It has been observed that customers who takes assistance from Live chat representative usually does not return items after making a purchase as they are full of confidence that they are having chat assistance with them. Live chat support solution has made easy bridging the gap between business goals and customers’ online experiences. The offered customizable chat button, visitor chat window, greeting messages, system messages, canned messages, and post chat surveys provides businesses maximum flexibility and compatibility for their websites. To get more  information  about the product and its usage : https://www.eassistancepro.com/solutions.php

2 thoughts on “Enhance your customer services and satisfaction using eAssistance Pro – a Live Chat support solution

  1. If you have online businesses and websites then you would have to need online support system. eAssistance Pro live chat tool allows interaction between customer and websites owner. You can easily solve customer and visitor queries through this software and also enhance your online businesses to provide best service. Now I am using this software on my website and i am very happy…………. Thanks to eAssistance Pro live chat software.

  2. I am thankful to eAssistance Pro team…I’ve been using this chat software on my website. it’s working awesome and l like its great features and the good thing, it is low cost compare than other chat application.

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