A best Online Chat Solution for Blogs and Websites

liveChatOnline Live Chat Support has become the most crucial part of websites offering online web services. If an organization is selling some services on their blogs or websites, then they must ensure that website visitors will acquire information and guidance about the products in a much easier and convenient manner. Thus, a Live Chat support solution becomes the need of the hour to interact with website visitors or customers seamlessly.

eAssistance Pro is a brilliant online Live Chat Support solution for blogs andOnline-chat1 websites. It is an instant messaging software facilitating Live Assistance to customers. Optimize your website and boost sales using the Live Chat application as an add-on that can be easily integrated with a number of websites or blogging platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, Zen Desk, Magento, Big Commerce, Sales Force, Zen Cart, EBay Pro Stores, and Shopify. The application allows website operators or chat representatives to interact with website visitors and convert them into loyal customers. The tool can be easily integrated on the blogs and websites and allows initiating a meaningful chat session between chat representatives and website visitors. Using Live Chat, both website operator and visitor can discuss on a particular issue in a meaningful way.

Whether you use popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or E-commerce platforms like Big Commerce, Magento, etc., eAssistance Pro can be easily incorporated within them and a number of other third-party applications. The Live Chat tool is customizable, flexible and highly adaptive in nature. It assists in increasing the customer service level, boost up sales and making online business more meaningful through real-time communication.

Chat-Support-Software-Helps-in-Online-Shopping-300x217Using eAssistance Pro, a website operator can instantly reply back to the visitor with his/her queries resolved. The tool assists visitors in understanding the services offered by the organization. Now, visitors don’t require sending emails and waiting for their responses. Just download simple free one-click install plug-ins and incorporate Live Chat and helpdesk solution in your website. The available plug-ins can be either downloaded from the website first and then uploaded from Dashboard or looked for directly from Plug-ins directory or Extensions section. Integrate eAssistance Pro – a Live Chat tool in your website, interact with your visitors, share your ideas, provide customer service, promote your business, and get more out of your online communications. You would like to visit the following site:  http://www.eassistancepro.com/addons/