Why integrating Live Chat feature in a website is important to gain competitive benefits

It won’t be wrong to say that time has come when one should start considering the significance of live chat software very seriously. In present scenario, we can easily see that technology is growing fast, and one must not get surprise to see that nowadays business groups are opting different ways to cope up with the ever-changing technology industry. Live chat is the name of one such technology that has helped many businesses turn online visitors of websites to customers. The arrival of online help chat support has completely transformed the entire online sales-purchase scenario.

Today, every business following a customer-centric approach is not just an option but a necessity. Online retailers are very much aware that the customers never want to waste time unnecessarily in following complex online purchasing procedure, as it consumes ample amount of time. Consequently, every online retailer is ensuring taking full advantage of online live chat support service to make things easier for customer. Today considering and keeping the customers’ comfort as peak priority is must, and with eAssistance Pro live chat software one can achieve all these and much more. Just by upgrading your website with this live chat support software, you can retain customers easily. In fact, ignoring the promising results that your business can achieve using live chat could be a big blunder. So, why not have a look and understand some of the essential benefits that eAssistance Pro online chat software can offer.

Real-time Monitoring


eAssistance Pro allows you have a real-time monitoring. In fact, you can very well narrow down your hunt for the prospective buyers. Just by integrating this live chat interface in your website, you could effectively analyze visitor surfing trends, and at the same time keep a good check on recurring visits or page visits. The advantages you can enjoy are taking proper measures as per your site’s current performance

Complete Statistics about prospective Customers

eAssistance Pro allows you extract the complete detail information about the traffic data and display it a comprehensive format. Within a matter of few clicks you get to have comprehensive traffic data showing the complete email address, IP address, along with visitors’ name. Besides this, you also get related information in a summarized format that simultaneously includes detailed information like visitor footprints, duration of stay at each page, reference, page views etc. Apart from that you also get a source URL data indicating from where a site visitor has arrived on to your website. The collection of complete data gives you information about your customer.

On-time Service

Gaining the customer’s trust is never easy! The faster your answers to the customer’s inquiries, the better positive results you can achieve.eAssistance Pro live chat not just allows you to provide instant 24×7 support but at the same time solve the problem that your customers are facing. It allows to easily contact and addressing the issue in a most interactive manner. By doing so, you prove to your customers that you value their time and money. In fact, it successfully eradicates factors that challenge access to easy communication. While you chat, it also gets easy to eliminate any obstacles that customers might face while purchasing your product or service. This way you could improve the quality of customer service.

Reduced Operational Costs

Money-Saving-Tips-in-2012Nothing satisfies customers more than accepting the fact that their queries are answered and problems are resolved. Now eAssistance Pro not just offers high level of convenience with quick service, but at most competitive price which other forms of communication don’t provide. Your website visitors don’t require leaving their current medium in order to communicate with your company, which might quite often cost you many customers. On other hand, even the operator has a chance to handle multiple chat conversation with various visitors effectively.

Instant Feedback

Customer feedback is always valuable and considered as a right way of doing business. These days, many companies conduct marketing research surveys just to gather different types of information from consumers. Now by integrating eAssistance Pro live chat feature it gets easier for you to gain this advantage. Live chat system makes customer or visitors feel that your company is dedicated to customer service and business both.

Improved Corporate Branding

3830153_100mbBuilding a stronger customer relationship along with good branding is never easy, but this live chat support tool gains both benefits simultaneously. eAssistance Pro give you the complete freedom on choosing the look and feel of the live chat window, and thus enabling you provide a customized live chat experience. Right from selecting right color scheme for live chat window, uploading logo or customizing greeting messages, chat button, post chat survey, you can do all these whenever you want.

After knowing so many benefits, if you want to make your online service stand out from the competition, then just make full utilization of live chat software. You can Visit the website to collect more information https://www.eassistancepro.com/


2 thoughts on “Why integrating Live Chat feature in a website is important to gain competitive benefits

  1. I read this article about live chat software. Seems this kind of Live Chat is really beneficial for online business, i will surely try once.

  2. Thanks for providing some very useful information about live chat software, Now I am going to try this software on my website and hope that work very well.

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