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A recent survey says that while looking for desired products or services online among numerous options available in this competitive world, customers usually get attracted to those only websites which offer Live Chat functionality. Finding a Live Chat option on a webpage makes first time website visitors to rely on the fact that there is someone on the other side to assist them in case of any issues or troubles.

In fact, the embedded Live Chat feature in a website proves to be very beneficial in engaging online website visitors into meaningful chat sessions, converting them into longtime customers, providing them instant support, enhancing the quality of customer services offered, determining their requirements, monitoring and tracking website visitors’ behavior, sending them pro-active chat invitations, assisting them by sending required files of any kind, extending business, and much more.

What our Live Chat Software Offers?

Option to Send Pro-Active Chat Invitation: Let your website visitors don’t leave your website within a short duration of time. As soon as they land on the webpage, ask them pro-actively actually what their requirement is, what they are looking for, and how you can assist them as per their requirement. Thereby, engaging them in meaningful chat sessions make them to trust on the products or services you are offering.

Instant Support in numerous ways: Live Chat let you provide instant support to website visitors in many ways like instant solutions to their queries or concerns via text-based conversations, sending them files of any kind upto 5 MB size, handling multiple chat sessions simultaneously, transferring ongoing chat sessions to another departments, etc.

Website Traffic Monitoring: Observe and analyze website visitors’ activities on the website, time duration spent on a particular webpage, come to know at which point the visitor gets stuck and requires support. Simply send them pro-active chat invitation and provide them instant assistance. Right Assistance at Right Time must be the aim of a service provider to gain attention of website visitors. Such a pleasant service offered makes website visitor to revisit the website in the future.

Facebook Chat Integration: eAssistance Pro can be easily integrated with Facebook to let website visitors to chat right from the FB interface. Website visitors can easily chat with website operators right from the company’s Facebook page.

Multiple CMS platforms Support: eAssistance Pro can be easily integrated into multiple CMS platforms including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Zencart, Zendesk, Salesforce, Blogger, Shopify, Bigcommerce, eBayStores, and Prestashop.

Multi-lingual Dictionary Support: eAssistance Pro displays English as the default language but offers dictionary in multiple languages for better chat support.

Multiple Language Support: eAssistance Pro supports multiple languages to provide instant help to native users from all around the globe. Even countries following right-to-left writing pattern (middle-east countries) can chat in their native format using this Live Chat tool.

24×7 Support: Providing round-the-clock support makes website visitors to approach you at any time. Maximum availability makes you at the topmost position among others offering the similar products or services.

To experience all the features offered by our Live Chat application, download and install eAssistance Pro Live chat software and have a better user experience.