Factors under considerations for Live Chat Software for your Website


Considering installation of Live Chat Tool on your website! But little bit confused with how to deal with it as you might be using it on your website for the very first time. On seeing the high usage of Live Chat application on competitive websites, it has become the need of the hour to get it installed and give live chat support to your website visitors. On installation, you can see the benefits you get as per business point-of-view. But, before installing the Live Chat application on your website, there are some factors that need to be considered:

  • Describing the target audience: Depending on your business, the products or services you are offering, define what type of audience you are going to target. Track the website visitors’ activities, the product or service they are looking for, are they interested in making a purchase or not. If found the visitor a potential customer, initiate with him a meaningful chat session and try to convince him of your products or services best features. Try to understand the visitor’s requirements and tell him what you product or service could be found helpful for him.

  • Determine the peak hours of your business: Depending on your business, either you are selling or promoting your products or services at national level or internationally, decide at what time duration you are having most of the live chat calls. Adjust the time duration accordingly knowing at what time period the site traffic is highest.

  • Outline your Live Chat Objectives: Define what you are going to achieve by installing the live chat application on your website. Either you want to increase the conversion rates, convert the potential website visitors to longtime customers, provide the instant support for the asked queries or to sell you product or services by convincing more and more website visitors. After defining the live chat goals, you are sure how to deal with the website visitors using live chat application.

  • Choose who will be the responder of your Live Chat application: Decide who will be responsible for replying the chat session. Will it be the sales support team, customer support team, technical support team, or highly-skilled personnel to handle the live chat conversations effectively? This needs to be decided in prior, as on mishandling the visitor you may lose it forever. Live chat representatives must be trained with extensive knowledge about the products or services you are offering.

  • Select the position where the Live Chat icon will be placed: The Live chat icon must be placed at the right position visible to every website visitor. As soon as a website visitor lands on your webpage, the live chat icon must be visible easily as on finding a live chat application on a website, the visitors are more likely to make online purchase for products or services offered.

  • Conclude what you can loose on not having the Live Chat application installed on your website: In this competitive world, not having the live chat application installed on your website simply means you are losing your potential customers day-by-day. Telephonic and email conversations have become traditional means of communication. Finding a live chat application on a website makes the website visitor to go for online purchase for product or service required.

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