How does Live Chat help in producing Leads for your business and how does it help in converting these leads into better sales

Live chat support

How do you deal with online representation of your business? Off course, by creating an interactive website, enlisting all products on it and outsourcing a customer service to tackle issues if any. Most of the times, the website is first interface of your company that people come to, analyze and buy something if they like. However, ever thought what if everyone who visited the website would buy the product instead of having a look and closing the internet tab. Many a times, when you see the number of people visiting your website, that is far more than the number of people actually purchasing anything.

How do you usually form business leads? For a normal well to do business, you must post advertisements on Google, create several pages, write specific blogs and check what people are expecting and research on your competition. One of the worst mistakes people end up doing is by putting the advertisements but not doing any follow up. Yes, there are several users that check the specific commercial and visit the site, but do not buy anything. Potential customers visit the website only when they need to buy something then what is stopping them to proceed?

Live Chat Support tools come into use then and there only. Websites that have Live Chat Support tools installed on them do better business, have good ROI and their business flourishes because of excellent customer relationship. Suppose, you posted an excellent advertisement somewhere and certain users drop in to your website, other than shooing them away, act quickly. A live Chat Support tool helps you to get in touch with website visitors in Real Time.

Once, you got the leads coming in to your websites, walk them towards registrations. Do not hurry them into something but do give them an opportunity to sign up and get latest updates. By acting quickly you can impress customers. When visitors enter the website and you feel they are looking for something go ahead and ask them. There are many who do not reply or don’t want to but people who are genuinely interested and want to buy something they would love the way you are available. Customers love it when they feel special. By someone, being always there to deal with their issues, suggest things and reply it forms a better customer relation. Conversion rates are higher when you interact effectively with the client.

You must be an excellent businessperson if you can qualify leads in a better way. There are few who come to the website just by chance whereas some are there actually in need of a purchase. Ask the right questions and form better understanding of what users are looking for. This makes you understand his requirements better and suggest products accordingly. In worst cases, if you do not think he will get required product on your website, direct him to a right one. That ways, the person will feel nice and suggest your website to someone who needs to deal with same products.

With Live Chat Support being installed on your website, you can talk to anyone and get to know the complete history. By knowing where he is from and the time zone, you can form a better lead. At some point, you will be able to guess his requirements and redirect him to that particular page on your site. Live interaction with website visitors can increase the lead. Suppose, the visitor is not interested but he knows someone who might be looking for something that is available only on your website, by chatting with you in Real time he will know for sure what you deal in and can suggest it to the specified personal.

Live chat Support has canned responses, chat transfer facilities that keep the user busy even if your operators are stuck. Email marketing and pages on social media can be a huge lead generator. Regularly interacting with users online makes them well aware of what is going on in your business. Forming better customer relations produce better leads. One satisfied customer is bound to mention your business ways to his friend.

Install global navigation bars on bottom or side of any webpage. These are better than irritating pop ups that keep coming. Moreover, according to a study global navigation bars have a higher conversion rate. You can install these on an upcoming event related with the products you sell or on social media sites and expect better leads.

No matter how hard you try to bring in the leads, if you are not good in converting these leads to a better business opportunity everything is going to be a waste of time! Create a better functioning website, make pages on various social mediums, bring in leads, install a good Live Chat Support Tool and be there for your customers. A little effort from your side, being human and interacting instantly can bring in more leads and work as a quick converter than anything else.


There are many ways to generate leads, but if you do not convert these leads into a better business deal by installing Live Chat Support Tool, you won’t benefit from it.


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