Win Client’s Loyalty and Confidence by Employing a Live Chat Software

customer loyality and confidence

In winning the hare race for customer satisfaction and earning good profits, organizations are trying to pool in their products in online marketing. Since online marketing is becoming hot base for retail business, therefore, every product-based company is trying to secure its clients through web based marketing.

If we talk in context of current scenario, web-based marketing is considered as the best approach to deal with retailers for other clientele. The best reason behind such approach is quicker availability of clients, customers and settling of business commitments within time. The web-based marketing shortens the time which often gets consumed in commutation, taking appointments, and finally convincing them for nodding of business commitments. This is the reason that most of the organizations prefer installation of Live-Chat software.

Live Chat Tool – Patching Traditional Business Approaches

Live Chat software is a need of various industries that still dwell in traditional methods to deal with their clients. It is often hard to memorize the clients’ requirements especially when large and specific quantities are required. Now, you can easily communicate with client(s) in a single click of mouse. Live Chat tool is considered as the best tool for setting up client-business dialogue. Being effective in carrying out smooth business communications, most of the corporate firms have opted to communicate through this mode, while some firms are managing to settle out the communication channel.

Need of Live Chat software

Intending to reveal about the need of Live Chat software, various clients of this communication tool states that dealing with large sum of clients is not an easy task for any business entity. The business entity has its own limitations. Since the business is a word of mouth, so ducking clients is no way to get rid of the problems. To leap those limitations, a powerful online tool is required that can maintain clients throughout. A Live Chat software provides a platform where number of clients can be easily dealt within no large pie of time.

Purpose and Significance of Live Chat Software

A live chat box is also very well build customer loyalty and improve sales for a business of any entity. For customer support, definitely the primary focus is to answer customer queries instantly and put an end to long-waits for email replies. Live Chat software allows you and operators to attend several customers at the same time. It is time saving tool and at the same time make your clients happy.

Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation

To query about a product, a strategy must be laid down so that customer can contact about the product that business firm is selling. One such strategy could be an implementation of Live Chat software. Customer representatives with a packed schedule could easily make use of live chat to get in touch with customers as against emails because they consider live chat as main stream to promote a product or service.

In business the excessive use of man force and enforcement of policies does not always work. There are times when introduction of new technology is needed. eAssistance Pro is one such live chat tool that has been ingeniously designed to deal with numerous clients in a single time irrespective of the language they are using while chatting. Embedded with high class algorithm, it makes use of algorithms.


Learn How Live Chat Makes The Business Strategy Developement So Easy


For developing a business strategy,  it requires a lot of time period, tools and tactics. Have you ever thought that a simple Live chat tool can help you develop business strategies. Live chat is a wonderful tool, it has already been adopted by different sectors for their website for different purposes. It can also help any business person to develop business strategy. See how Live chat helps in covering each stage of business strategy development in easy and effective manner:

Stage1: Analyzing your internal and external environment:

It is important to analyze the internal and external environment of your organization before developing a business strategy. Analyzing the internal environment becomes easy with Live chat as it helps in assessing the performance of the team members from their chat records, customer’s reviews in after chat session surveys. The saved chat transcripts and after chat survey help organizations to easily review the activities of the employees. While the external environment could be checked by reviewing the commonly asked chat queries, as in what does the customer demands from you, what are they expecting from you, what benefits they are getting from your competitors which they expect you to provide. When customers approach you through chat then they expect you to satisfy them in every manner. So, analyzing your strength and weaknesses via Live chat becomes easy as their responses will let you know their satisfaction and dissatisfaction level. The three important parts of internal and external environment, which are your team/ organization, your customers and your competitors are hence easily covered up with the help of Live chat.

Satge2: Exploring and identifying your strategic options:

You can use live chat as a tool to identify your strategic options a s in ask your customers, what improvement they expect in your product and services during chat session. You can carry out different after chat surveys for improving your services. You can do customer segmentation on the basis of Geo location. The customer details are always recorded in the report section, which can help you to know the particular links from which you are getting maximum visitors. Basically the report feature helps you a lot in customer segmentation and the transcripts helps you in analyzing the customers and visitors expectations and demand. The live chat software works as a research tool in this stage and easily helps you to explore and identify the base to your strategic decisions.

Stage3: Evaluating and selecting your strategic options:

Through Live chat software, you have a complete data of customer queries, their frequently asked questions, their common expectation, reports of different after chat surveys carried out. So, you can extract the information of your use out of that data easily. Now, the last stage of strategic development which is choosing the right strategy to be activated can also be easily covered through Live chat. Simply outline three strategies max and then put them in action one by one. Do R&D through Live chat and after chat survey, get opinion of your customers and visitors. Then finalize the strategic option with maximum positive response.

So, the strategic development procedure can be easily carried out with the help of Live chat. Be it a large organization or a small single handed business. With the help of incredible features of Live chat such extensive process also becomes so easy to handle. So, this time choose live chat tool to carry out strategic development and save your time and money.

How does Live Chat help in producing Leads for your business and how does it help in converting these leads into better sales

Live chat support

How do you deal with online representation of your business? Off course, by creating an interactive website, enlisting all products on it and outsourcing a customer service to tackle issues if any. Most of the times, the website is first interface of your company that people come to, analyze and buy something if they like. However, ever thought what if everyone who visited the website would buy the product instead of having a look and closing the internet tab. Many a times, when you see the number of people visiting your website, that is far more than the number of people actually purchasing anything.

How do you usually form business leads? For a normal well to do business, you must post advertisements on Google, create several pages, write specific blogs and check what people are expecting and research on your competition. One of the worst mistakes people end up doing is by putting the advertisements but not doing any follow up. Yes, there are several users that check the specific commercial and visit the site, but do not buy anything. Potential customers visit the website only when they need to buy something then what is stopping them to proceed?

Live Chat Support tools come into use then and there only. Websites that have Live Chat Support tools installed on them do better business, have good ROI and their business flourishes because of excellent customer relationship. Suppose, you posted an excellent advertisement somewhere and certain users drop in to your website, other than shooing them away, act quickly. A live Chat Support tool helps you to get in touch with website visitors in Real Time.

Once, you got the leads coming in to your websites, walk them towards registrations. Do not hurry them into something but do give them an opportunity to sign up and get latest updates. By acting quickly you can impress customers. When visitors enter the website and you feel they are looking for something go ahead and ask them. There are many who do not reply or don’t want to but people who are genuinely interested and want to buy something they would love the way you are available. Customers love it when they feel special. By someone, being always there to deal with their issues, suggest things and reply it forms a better customer relation. Conversion rates are higher when you interact effectively with the client.

You must be an excellent businessperson if you can qualify leads in a better way. There are few who come to the website just by chance whereas some are there actually in need of a purchase. Ask the right questions and form better understanding of what users are looking for. This makes you understand his requirements better and suggest products accordingly. In worst cases, if you do not think he will get required product on your website, direct him to a right one. That ways, the person will feel nice and suggest your website to someone who needs to deal with same products.

With Live Chat Support being installed on your website, you can talk to anyone and get to know the complete history. By knowing where he is from and the time zone, you can form a better lead. At some point, you will be able to guess his requirements and redirect him to that particular page on your site. Live interaction with website visitors can increase the lead. Suppose, the visitor is not interested but he knows someone who might be looking for something that is available only on your website, by chatting with you in Real time he will know for sure what you deal in and can suggest it to the specified personal.

Live chat Support has canned responses, chat transfer facilities that keep the user busy even if your operators are stuck. Email marketing and pages on social media can be a huge lead generator. Regularly interacting with users online makes them well aware of what is going on in your business. Forming better customer relations produce better leads. One satisfied customer is bound to mention your business ways to his friend.

Install global navigation bars on bottom or side of any webpage. These are better than irritating pop ups that keep coming. Moreover, according to a study global navigation bars have a higher conversion rate. You can install these on an upcoming event related with the products you sell or on social media sites and expect better leads.

No matter how hard you try to bring in the leads, if you are not good in converting these leads to a better business opportunity everything is going to be a waste of time! Create a better functioning website, make pages on various social mediums, bring in leads, install a good Live Chat Support Tool and be there for your customers. A little effort from your side, being human and interacting instantly can bring in more leads and work as a quick converter than anything else.


There are many ways to generate leads, but if you do not convert these leads into a better business deal by installing Live Chat Support Tool, you won’t benefit from it.

Factors under considerations for Live Chat Software for your Website


Considering installation of Live Chat Tool on your website! But little bit confused with how to deal with it as you might be using it on your website for the very first time. On seeing the high usage of Live Chat application on competitive websites, it has become the need of the hour to get it installed and give live chat support to your website visitors. On installation, you can see the benefits you get as per business point-of-view. But, before installing the Live Chat application on your website, there are some factors that need to be considered:

  • Describing the target audience: Depending on your business, the products or services you are offering, define what type of audience you are going to target. Track the website visitors’ activities, the product or service they are looking for, are they interested in making a purchase or not. If found the visitor a potential customer, initiate with him a meaningful chat session and try to convince him of your products or services best features. Try to understand the visitor’s requirements and tell him what you product or service could be found helpful for him.

  • Determine the peak hours of your business: Depending on your business, either you are selling or promoting your products or services at national level or internationally, decide at what time duration you are having most of the live chat calls. Adjust the time duration accordingly knowing at what time period the site traffic is highest.

  • Outline your Live Chat Objectives: Define what you are going to achieve by installing the live chat application on your website. Either you want to increase the conversion rates, convert the potential website visitors to longtime customers, provide the instant support for the asked queries or to sell you product or services by convincing more and more website visitors. After defining the live chat goals, you are sure how to deal with the website visitors using live chat application.

  • Choose who will be the responder of your Live Chat application: Decide who will be responsible for replying the chat session. Will it be the sales support team, customer support team, technical support team, or highly-skilled personnel to handle the live chat conversations effectively? This needs to be decided in prior, as on mishandling the visitor you may lose it forever. Live chat representatives must be trained with extensive knowledge about the products or services you are offering.

  • Select the position where the Live Chat icon will be placed: The Live chat icon must be placed at the right position visible to every website visitor. As soon as a website visitor lands on your webpage, the live chat icon must be visible easily as on finding a live chat application on a website, the visitors are more likely to make online purchase for products or services offered.

  • Conclude what you can loose on not having the Live Chat application installed on your website: In this competitive world, not having the live chat application installed on your website simply means you are losing your potential customers day-by-day. Telephonic and email conversations have become traditional means of communication. Finding a live chat application on a website makes the website visitor to go for online purchase for product or service required.

For more queries and information required regarding how our live chat application can prove helpful for your business, get connected with our sales and support team. If found suitable, give our live chat tool a try by downloading the free trial version and avail the live chat functionalities for a trial period of 15 days. For more information visit our webpage:

A perfect Live Chat Software for your Website to provide instant Support Services to Online Website Visitors – eAssistance Pro

live-chat software-for-website

A recent survey says that while looking for desired products or services online among numerous options available in this competitive world, customers usually get attracted to those only websites which offer Live Chat functionality. Finding a Live Chat option on a webpage makes first time website visitors to rely on the fact that there is someone on the other side to assist them in case of any issues or troubles.

In fact, the embedded Live Chat feature in a website proves to be very beneficial in engaging online website visitors into meaningful chat sessions, converting them into longtime customers, providing them instant support, enhancing the quality of customer services offered, determining their requirements, monitoring and tracking website visitors’ behavior, sending them pro-active chat invitations, assisting them by sending required files of any kind, extending business, and much more.

What our Live Chat Software Offers?

Option to Send Pro-Active Chat Invitation: Let your website visitors don’t leave your website within a short duration of time. As soon as they land on the webpage, ask them pro-actively actually what their requirement is, what they are looking for, and how you can assist them as per their requirement. Thereby, engaging them in meaningful chat sessions make them to trust on the products or services you are offering.

Instant Support in numerous ways: Live Chat let you provide instant support to website visitors in many ways like instant solutions to their queries or concerns via text-based conversations, sending them files of any kind upto 5 MB size, handling multiple chat sessions simultaneously, transferring ongoing chat sessions to another departments, etc.

Website Traffic Monitoring: Observe and analyze website visitors’ activities on the website, time duration spent on a particular webpage, come to know at which point the visitor gets stuck and requires support. Simply send them pro-active chat invitation and provide them instant assistance. Right Assistance at Right Time must be the aim of a service provider to gain attention of website visitors. Such a pleasant service offered makes website visitor to revisit the website in the future.

Facebook Chat Integration: eAssistance Pro can be easily integrated with Facebook to let website visitors to chat right from the FB interface. Website visitors can easily chat with website operators right from the company’s Facebook page.

Multiple CMS platforms Support: eAssistance Pro can be easily integrated into multiple CMS platforms including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Zencart, Zendesk, Salesforce, Blogger, Shopify, Bigcommerce, eBayStores, and Prestashop.

Multi-lingual Dictionary Support: eAssistance Pro displays English as the default language but offers dictionary in multiple languages for better chat support.

Multiple Language Support: eAssistance Pro supports multiple languages to provide instant help to native users from all around the globe. Even countries following right-to-left writing pattern (middle-east countries) can chat in their native format using this Live Chat tool.

24×7 Support: Providing round-the-clock support makes website visitors to approach you at any time. Maximum availability makes you at the topmost position among others offering the similar products or services.

To experience all the features offered by our Live Chat application, download and install eAssistance Pro Live chat software and have a better user experience.

How Live Chat plays a role in turning visitors into customers

No business boomed on the first day. Starting a business is like planting a seed. You need to nurture it with good offers, water it regularly with proper marketing plans, offer better value and thus steer ahead of prying eyes, and then does it bears fruit. But for all this you need the right tools and if your business mode is online then communication is the key to success.

Your website visitors are the assets from which you need to carefully select potential buyers and turn them into customers. But for that you need meticulous planning and implement them through the right channel. Live Chat is that channel with which you get all the assistance to turn online visitors into customers. It is the perfect medium to serve purpose for gaining more customers.

Real-time communication means a lot

Just as the attendant at a physical store greets a shopper and assists him about the whereabouts of the store, exactly the same way an operator can do the job online through Live Chat. This ensures that your visitors feel special as well as they don’t get lost in the store. Moreover, they don’t abandon your site just for the matter of confusion.

Proactive Support

When you get what you need, even before you look out for it, the feeling is amazing. That’s what you can make your visitors feel by tactically using Live Chat solutions. Good applications have detailed visitor tracking aids. Use it to narrow down on potential buyers by checking their surfing habits, analyzing the time spend on site, pages visited, and more. Proactively invite them to chat, provide them with discounts on the products they are sorting, assist them with better offers and you earn a customer every time.

Make you store favorite

Research shows that every customer has some or other favorite store/brand. We all tend to head towards our favorite store first and then only move elsewhere only if they fail to provide us with what we need. Do the same with your online store. Ensure that your visitors experience a wow feeling every time they surf around and compel them to stay at your site. Give them combo offers, little discounts, next visit coupons and more to lure them for future visits.

Happy Customer, Returning Customer

There is no happy customer; you need to make a customer happy. We all value some over the other and that makes them feel delighted. So, ensure better service, small perks, and quick issue resolution to returning customers and earn them forever. It’s even easier through Live Chat as no two customers meet and one can complaint that the operator is being extra concerned about a particular customer.

A blooming business is like reaping crops in the best harvest season. Every business owner dreams of that but smart customer service is what can help you receive success. Incorporate Live Chat in your website and enhance your chances of earning more customers out of your website’s traffic.

eAssistance Pro Live chat software is available for you and offers all the right tools to turn regular visitors into returning customers.

Why integrating Live Chat feature in a website is important to gain competitive benefits

It won’t be wrong to say that time has come when one should start considering the significance of live chat software very seriously. In present scenario, we can easily see that technology is growing fast, and one must not get surprise to see that nowadays business groups are opting different ways to cope up with the ever-changing technology industry. Live chat is the name of one such technology that has helped many businesses turn online visitors of websites to customers. The arrival of online help chat support has completely transformed the entire online sales-purchase scenario.

Today, every business following a customer-centric approach is not just an option but a necessity. Online retailers are very much aware that the customers never want to waste time unnecessarily in following complex online purchasing procedure, as it consumes ample amount of time. Consequently, every online retailer is ensuring taking full advantage of online live chat support service to make things easier for customer. Today considering and keeping the customers’ comfort as peak priority is must, and with eAssistance Pro live chat software one can achieve all these and much more. Just by upgrading your website with this live chat support software, you can retain customers easily. In fact, ignoring the promising results that your business can achieve using live chat could be a big blunder. So, why not have a look and understand some of the essential benefits that eAssistance Pro online chat software can offer.

Real-time Monitoring


eAssistance Pro allows you have a real-time monitoring. In fact, you can very well narrow down your hunt for the prospective buyers. Just by integrating this live chat interface in your website, you could effectively analyze visitor surfing trends, and at the same time keep a good check on recurring visits or page visits. The advantages you can enjoy are taking proper measures as per your site’s current performance

Complete Statistics about prospective Customers

eAssistance Pro allows you extract the complete detail information about the traffic data and display it a comprehensive format. Within a matter of few clicks you get to have comprehensive traffic data showing the complete email address, IP address, along with visitors’ name. Besides this, you also get related information in a summarized format that simultaneously includes detailed information like visitor footprints, duration of stay at each page, reference, page views etc. Apart from that you also get a source URL data indicating from where a site visitor has arrived on to your website. The collection of complete data gives you information about your customer.

On-time Service

Gaining the customer’s trust is never easy! The faster your answers to the customer’s inquiries, the better positive results you can achieve.eAssistance Pro live chat not just allows you to provide instant 24×7 support but at the same time solve the problem that your customers are facing. It allows to easily contact and addressing the issue in a most interactive manner. By doing so, you prove to your customers that you value their time and money. In fact, it successfully eradicates factors that challenge access to easy communication. While you chat, it also gets easy to eliminate any obstacles that customers might face while purchasing your product or service. This way you could improve the quality of customer service.

Reduced Operational Costs

Money-Saving-Tips-in-2012Nothing satisfies customers more than accepting the fact that their queries are answered and problems are resolved. Now eAssistance Pro not just offers high level of convenience with quick service, but at most competitive price which other forms of communication don’t provide. Your website visitors don’t require leaving their current medium in order to communicate with your company, which might quite often cost you many customers. On other hand, even the operator has a chance to handle multiple chat conversation with various visitors effectively.

Instant Feedback

Customer feedback is always valuable and considered as a right way of doing business. These days, many companies conduct marketing research surveys just to gather different types of information from consumers. Now by integrating eAssistance Pro live chat feature it gets easier for you to gain this advantage. Live chat system makes customer or visitors feel that your company is dedicated to customer service and business both.

Improved Corporate Branding

3830153_100mbBuilding a stronger customer relationship along with good branding is never easy, but this live chat support tool gains both benefits simultaneously. eAssistance Pro give you the complete freedom on choosing the look and feel of the live chat window, and thus enabling you provide a customized live chat experience. Right from selecting right color scheme for live chat window, uploading logo or customizing greeting messages, chat button, post chat survey, you can do all these whenever you want.

After knowing so many benefits, if you want to make your online service stand out from the competition, then just make full utilization of live chat software. You can Visit the website to collect more information